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Behind the Scenes of a Hallmark Movie with Author Barbara Hinske

For an author, it’s a great accomplishment to write a book and have it published. When that book gets selected to be adapted into a movie, that’s a special moment for sure. That happened to author Barbara Hinske, when her book “The Christmas Club” was selected by Hallmark Channel and the Crown Media family to be adapted into a movie.

Author Barbara Hinske

I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing Barbara. Read here She had the amazing experience of being invited to the set where the movie “The Christmas Club” was being filmed at, in Winnipeg, Canada.

She visited the set with her husband, and she wrote a nice post about it. Barbara has been kind enough to share it with us, along with the great pictures of that wonderful experience.

Barbara with her husband

Here is what Barbara wrote:

The Christmas Club, my Christmas novella, was purchased by Crown Media and made into a 2019 Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. I’ve written about what a dream come true that was here

As if having my story made into a Hallmark Christmas movie wasn’t enough, my husband and I got to spend a week on location during filming. That was an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

In addition to every single cast and crew member being extremely professional, warm, welcoming, and downright kind, here are my “best of” moments:

  • The Hallmark culture that you see in front of the screen is what goes on behind it; these folks are the real deal.
  • If there is a world record for Fitbit steps in a day, it has to be held by the assistant directors on a Hallmark shoot. These folks are in perpetual motion.
  • You hear about how efficient the circus was when it came to town back in its heyday, the circus could have nothing on Hallmark set – dressers/makeup, wardrobe, and hair crew/evergreen crew/sound/lighting/script – the list is endless. They all worked together like an oiled machine.
  • It’s hot out when they film these movies. The actors remove their scarves and coats between takes, but if you’re a female star, someone sticks a curling iron on your head! Yikes!!
  • The cast and crew eat constantly. They break for a generous lunch, but someone is always circulating with a wagon of sandwiches, snacks, or water. They’re all in motion the entire time, so they burn off the calories.
A scene being filmed
  • Background noises in a city—sirens/helicopters/city buses—frequently make themselves known and necessitate retakes.
  • Producers and directors notice something out of place from 1000 yards away. Their attention to detail is uncanny.
Barbara with actor Cameron Mathison
  • It is positively thrilling and quite emotional to hear actors say the words that you’ve written.”

What an amazing experience! The movie will premiere this year, 2019, as part of the ‘Countdown to Christmas’ programming on the Hallmark Channel. For more information about the movie, check here And for more information about the book, please visit

Poster for the movie from Hallmark Channel

Thanks to Barbara Hinske for sharing her experience with us fans! By reading about it, I can only imagine what was it like, to be there in the middle of all the action. Thank you all for reading. I have more to write. It’s time for my tacita de café. Salud!

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