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Let’s Talk Hallmark: 2014 Countdown to Christmas

July 2021 – We are in the middle of the year, as I am writing. We are already in summer season. I live in Florida, the southernmost state in the nation. Yes, it’s very hot outside; yes, there is no snowfall in winter here. But there is some snowy towns showing up on my television screen, and some Christmas trees and decorations. Oh I want to see snow! I decided to take the family on a road trip to Colorado! We went to the Rocky Mountains, and we saw snow in July! I’ll tell you all about it in another post.

Well, it’s that time of the year for “Hallmark’s Christmas in July” movies to be shown on all their cable network stations. Hallmark actually started the tradition of showing Christmas-themed movies in 2012. It was an immediate hit. So many fans enjoy and love these movies, that the network has continued to schedule them during the summer. This year, 2021, Hallmark has decided to swap some of the movies that premiered in one station to the other, giving the opportunity to the fans to see movies they might have missed.

As always, I like to remind all readers that, even though I love the movies, I’m only a fan. I have no rights or access to any production or merchandise. None. But if you’re interested, you may visit the website HallmarkChannel.com. I check the Hallmark Channel page every day! I check the merchandise page too! See all they have in stores here Hallmark.com. The pictures above, and all images/posters used for this post are from Hallmark Channel/Crown Media Holdings.

2019 marked the 10th anniversary of “Countdown to Christmas” movie presentation. This year, 2021, the Hallmark Channel network continues working on new movies, even though production has been limited after the travel restrictions put in place because of the COVID pandemic. All the TV channels in the network, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Hallmark Drama and Hallmark Movie Now, join in the presentation and start showing Christmas-themed movies too. Well, this happens during the month of July too.

I’ve been working hard, but happily, doing this research. This is my eighth post about the Hallmark Christmas movies. I love them all!

In the year 2014, 15 movies premiered on the Hallmark network (12 on Hallmark Channel, plus one Hall of Fame, and 2 on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries). This was a year of great movies that have become huge fan favorites, you’ll see when you check the list.

Let’s take a look:

  • A Cookie Cutter Christmas, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Erin Krakow, David Haydn-Jones, Miranda Frigon and Alan Thicke. This was Erin’s first Hallmark Christmas movie. Christie (Erin) and Penny (Miranda) have been rivals ever since a memorable fight over a Christmas recital solo in elementary school. Now adults, they work at the same school where they still compete over everything. The entire school prepares for the annual fundraising festival, with a new event—a teacher Christmas Cookie Bake-Off, judged by a tough five-star chef, Chef Krueger (Thicke). Penny and Christie clash over the contest, both wanting to win the grand prize, a free class trip. Christie is hopeless in the kitchen, but she meets James (David), a single dad, who is an excellent cook and guides her to create a cookie recipe. As both Christie and Penny vie for James’ attention, he is caught in the middle of their petty feud. I’ve seen this one and I love it! (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • A Royal Christmas, premiered on Hallmark Channel with Lacey Chabert, Stephen Hagan, and Jane Seymour. This was Lacey’s second Hallmark Christmas movie. Emily (Lacey) is the only daughter of an expert tailor in Philadelphia. She is a devoted seamstress at the family business and madly in love with her European boyfriend, Leo. But as their first Christmas together approaches, Leo drops a bombshell: he is actually Prince Leopold, heir to the throne of Cordinia, a small sovereign country. The prince’s mother Queen Isadora (Jane) makes Emily feel anything but welcome at their grand castle, where she felt more at home among the staff of butlers and housemaids. As Emily struggles to adapt to her new royal surroundings, the situation is made more difficult when the Queen invites Duchess Natasha (Katherine Flynn), Leo’s ex-girlfriend, to join them for Christmas. I’ve seen this one and is one of my all-time favorites! (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • Angels and Ornaments, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Jessalyn Gilsig, Sergio Di Zio, and Graham Abbey. Although Corrine (Jessalyn) is upset from a recent breakup, she happily prepares for Christmas. As a gifted musician, she auditions for a solo in a community Christmas concert and plays carols on the piano to patrons of the music store where she works with her childhood friend Dave (Abbey). Her holiday season gets an unexpected dose of romance, when Harold (Di Zio), a mysterious new coworker, tries to form a love connection between Corrine and Dave. With Harold’s help, Corrine begins to view Dave in a new light, though she questions Harold’s intense interest in her love life. Harold is on a Christmas Eve deadline from a higher power to fulfill this holiday fairytale! As the clock ticks down on Harold, Corrine must decide if she will open up to love. This one has been moved to show in Hallmark Drama channel. I haven’t seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Drama web page).
  • Best Christmas Party Ever, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Torrey DeVitto and Steve Lund. With the holiday season at hand, young party planner Jennie (Torrey) learns that her boss, Petra (Linda Thorson), will be retiring after Christmas and hopes she will be left in charge of Petra’s Parties, New York’s premiere event planning service. Jennie’s hopes fade when Petra’s charming and handsome nephew, Nick (Steve), arrives and Petra announces that he will take over the business. When an opportunity to plan a toy store’s Christmas Eve party arises, Jennie runs with it, arranging a warm and traditional affair in the same vein as the Christmas parties that inspired her as a child. As Christmas Eve approaches, will Jennie open her heart to find love for the holiday? I’ve seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • Christmas at Cartwright’s, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Alicia Witt, Gabriel Hogan, and Wallace Shawn. This is Alicia’s second Hallmark Christmas movie. With the holiday season at hand, single mom Nicky (Alicia) is unemployed and struggling to afford a nice Christmas with her 8-year-old daughter. Hearing that Cartwright’s Department Store is hiring temporary holiday help, she rushes in to apply, but is rejected. In a whimsical turn of events, Harry Osbourne (Wallace), claiming to be a consultant from corporate headquarters, encourages Nicky to dress up and begin working as Cartwright’s store Santa Claus. With the magical help of Harry, Nicky keeps the job, but nobody knows Cartwright’s Santa is a woman. I’ve seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • Christmas Under Wraps, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Candace Cameron Bure, David O’Donnell, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Robert Pine. Dr. Lauren Brunell (Candace) is counting on being accepted into a prestigious hospital fellowship to follow in the footsteps of her father, Henry (Pine). But when those plans quickly fall apart, she must take the only other opening available: a head doctor position in the small, remote town of Garland, Alaska. Convincing herself it’s only temporary, she moves there and is immediately charmed by Andy (O’Donnell), a handsome local who starts to show her the importance of living in the moment. As she excels as Garland’s trusted doctor, she warms up to the friendly town. But Andy’s father, Frank (Doyle-Murray), is hiding something from her in his top-secret shipping warehouse. I’ve seen this one, and I love it so much! This is another top fan favorite. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • Debbie Macomber’s Mr. Miracle, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Kendra Anderson and Candus Churchill. When guardian angel Harry arrives on Earth for the first time, he’s got a lot to learn about life as a human. But he ignores the advice of his mentor, Celeste, to eagerly take on his first assignment—helping Addie find the confidence to change her life. Now, after her father’s sudden passing, Addie is living with her mom Sharon, filled with regret and uncertainty while attempting to finish her degree all while avoiding her childhood nemesis and neighbor, Erich. Enter Harry, posing as her fumbling, well-meaning new English teacher who takes on the task of guiding her to see the wonderful things she can’t see in herself. With a deadline of Christmas day to change Addie’s perspective, or else say goodbye to his own Earthly existence, Harry is clueless but endearing in his effort to make Addie open up, while learning a few life lessons of his own along the way. This one has been moved to show in Hallmark Drama channel. I’ve seen it. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Drama web page).
  • Northpole, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Tiffani Thiessen, Josh Hopkins, and Bailee Madison. Santa (Robert Wagner) and Mrs. Claus’ (Jill St. John) magical home, Northpole, has grown into a huge city powered by the magic of holiday happiness around the world. Yet the city is in trouble, as people everywhere are too busy to enjoy festive time together. One of these stressed-out souls is single mom Chelsea (Tiffani), who is trying to get noticed at her new reporting job while helping her ten-year-old son Kevin (Max Charles) adjust to a new school. When he starts talking about real elves and sleigh rides, she worries that his imagination has gotten out of control. With a little help from Kevin’s charming teacher Ryan (Josh), a mysterious elf, Clementine (Bailee), and a gospel singer named Josephine (Candice Glover), Chelsea may learn that even chasing down the facts can lead to holiday magic. This one has been moved to show in Hallmark Drama channel. I’ve seen it. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Drama web page).
  • One Christmas Eve (Hallmark Hall of Fame), premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Anne Heche, Kevin Daniels, Carlos Gomez, Griffin Kane, Ali Skovbye, and Brian Tee. Nell (Anne) is a newly‐single mom who wants this Christmas to be extra‐special for her two kids. It turns out to be special, indeed, but it’s not what she had in mind. Everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Chaos reigns in this entertaining comedy, and the notion of `family’ takes on a whole new meaning. I’ve seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • One Starry Christmas, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Sarah Carter and Damon Runyan. Aspiring astronomy professor Holly (Sarah) is crushed when her longtime boyfriend Adam (Paul Popowich) schedules a business trip and leaves her alone over the holidays. When she decides to surprise both Adam and her parents with a Christmas visit, however, fate, or perhaps the Christmas spirit, intervenes. Holly’s bumpy holiday travel makes a turn when she and her bus companion, Luke (Damon), forge an instant connection over their love of constellations and Christmas. In the spirit of the season, Holly invites Luke and his brother Bull (George Canyon) to join her family and Adam for Christmas, which instantly creates a competition between Luke and Adam for Holly’s attention. As sparks fly between Holly and Luke, will she decide to play it safe and stay with Adam or to thank her lucky stars for the Christmas gift of romance with Luke? I’ve seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas, premiered on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, with Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lake, and Geoff Gustaffson. This one is part of the movie series Signed, Sealed, Delivered. With a duty to deliver every last letter before Christmas, the beloved quartet of post office detectives—Oliver (Eric), Shane (Kristin), Rita (Crystal) and Norman (Geoff)—are working hard redirecting Santa’s mail. When they receive an emotional last-minute plea written to God, they must delay their own travel plans to make sure one little girl doesn’t lose her Christmas joy—something Oliver and Shane are struggling to find as they each face painful holiday memories. With a little guidance from a mysterious post office volunteer, Jordan (Rob Estes), the Postables are more surprised than anyone to discover they’ve been a part of more than one miracle on this Christmas Eve. I’ve seen this one, and I love it so much! It’s definitely a top favorite for me and many fans of the series. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries web page).
  • The Christmas Parade, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with AnnaLynne McCord and Jefferson Brown. Hailee (AnnaLynne), a well-known entertainment reporter for a network morning show, is humiliated when her often-absent investment banker fiancé, Jason (Drew Scott) is revealed to be linked to a Beverly Hills socialite. She takes off in her car to find peace, abandoning a Christmas special she is due to host for her producer. After running over a small town judge’s Christmas display, she instead finds herself stuck in the town sentenced to 25 hours of community service. While there, she’s befriended by Beck (Jefferson), a budding artist, who asks for her help to save the local community art center by helping them build their float for the annual Christmas Parade – the winner will receive enough money to save the center from a pending sale. Short on Christmas spirit, Hailee has to find a way to inspire both the kids and Beck –as well as herself– to bring back the spirit of what Christmas is all about: love. I’ve seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).
  • The Christmas Secret, premiered on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, with Bethany Joy Lenz and John Reardon. Christine (Bethany) has been fired from her job, evicted from her home and her ex-husband is taking her to court for custody of their children. To make matters worse, she’s misplaced a special family heirloom, a star-shaped locket handed down from her father, who disappeared from her life when she was a young girl. Things seem to be looking a little brighter when she lands a new job working with a gregarious bakery owner and a holiday romance begins to blossom with Jason (John), the handsome grandson of a sweet couple who own a popular local store. As she uncovers a long-standing family secret, her luck might be starting to turn, bringing her good fortune and true love just in time for Christmas. I’ve seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries web page).
  • The Christmas Shepherd, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Teri Polo and Martin Cummins. Sally (Teri) is a children’s book author and illustrator who lives in a small Massachusetts town where she and her late husband, an Army vet, settled with Buddy, a German Shepherd he found while serving overseas. She is devastated, though, when Buddy runs away during a thunderstorm and ends up in an animal shelter miles from home. Mark (Martin) and his teenage daughter, Emma –themselves struggling after losing his wife and her mother three years ago–, end up adopting the dog, who wins their hearts and heals their souls. Sally’s journey to find Buddy connects her to Mark and Emma –who must decide if they want to give up a pet who has helped make their lives whole again–, and Sally has to decide if she wants to separate him from this loving pair. But wherever Buddy goes, love follows, helping to bring everyone the greatest Christmas present possible. I haven’t seen this one. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Movies and Mysteries web page).
  • The Nine Lives of Christmas, premiered on Hallmark Channel, with Kimberley Sustad, Brandon Routh and Gregory Harrison. Fireman Zachary (Brandon) is a confirmed bachelor who doesn’t believe in love or commitment. When a stray tabby cat named Ambrose shows up at his door, he takes him in and slowly starts to see that a little companionship might not be so bad after all. When Zachary meets Marilee (Kimberley), an animal lover and veterinary student, she teaches him how to care for his new feline roommate and chemistry immediately forms between Zach and Marilee. I’ve seen this one, and I love it so much! This is another top fan favorite. (Information retrieved from Hallmark Channel web page).

Well, I’ve actually seen 13 of the 15 movies! These are the premieres from the year 2014. The Hallmark Channel network has continued adding plenty more movies in the following years. Since 2019, 10th anniversary of the “Countdown to Christmas” theme, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries have been showing Christmas movies every week. I enjoy watching these movies, no matter what time of the year it is!

Yes, there are many more movies still to cover. I’ll be writing some more. I have plenty more to add, more to write about, and more movies to watch and love. I love writing, I love Christmas, and I love Hallmark movies. It’s time for my tacita de café. Salud!

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I'm a Puerto Rican living in Florida. Mom, Blogger, and Writer! Fan of coffee, baseball, books, sweet romance novels and Hallmark movies, and of course, my beautiful Puerto Rico.


  • dholcomb1

    2014 was significant because it was the year the productions were changed and under their control. There are a lot of differences in the movies produced under what is now PixL (Levinson) and what is Crown Media (Hallmark Productions). During the pandemic, they did buy some PixL movies on the market because they didn’t have enough material, but generally, the haven’t used them. Hallmark has bigger budgets than movies appearing on other channels, which means they have better talent, sets, scripts, etc… and the overall quality is higher–though Lifetime has changed in the past few years.

    Hallmark is now going through changes again with new leadership, so the movies may be changing again, but they’ll still have the heart of Hallmark.


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