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Lets Talk Hallmark: The Signed, Sealed, Delivered Series, Episodes 1 to 5

June 2020 – I continue writing about one of my favorite Hallmark series, and a top fan favorite as well, the Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Dead Letter Mysteries. The first movie had a very good reception from the viewers. After the first movie aired in 2013, Hallmark then aired a set of 10 1-hour episodes. I wrote a post about the POstables fan group, an amazing group of people who share their love for this series, for the cast, and for each other. Read here http://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/17/lets-talk-hallmark-the-postables-fans-of-the-signed-sealed-delivered-series/.

Those 10 episodes were all packed with emotion, action, mystery and drama. Each episode brings a new lost letter to investigate and deliver to its rightful addressee. But it also brings us to find out more about the POstables team, our efficient group of postal workers, and their personal struggles. Read my first post about the Signed, Sealed, Delivered pilot movie here http://fullofcoffee.blog/2020/05/10/lets-talk-hallmark-introduction-to-signed-sealed-delivered-the-postables-team/.

Since I’m talking about Hallmark, let me remind all readers that, even though I love the movies, I’m only a fan. I have no rights or access to any production or merchandise. None. But if you’re interested, you may visit the website www.hallmarkchannel.com. I check the Hallmark Channel page every day! All pictures/images used are from Hallmark/Crown Media.

I divided the information of the series in two posts, because there is so much to tell you about it! Let me tell you about the first five episodes (all descriptions are summarized from information retrieved from the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries web page https://www.hallmarkmoviesandmysteries.com/signed-sealed-delivered/episode-guide/10#listheader):

Episode 1- Time to Start Livin’ – In this first episode, the Dead Letter team is preparing to welcome their new supervisor, the legendary Theresa Capodiamonte (played by wonderful Valerie Harper), a 6-time recipient of the prestigious ‘Dark of Night’ award. Theresa sees the potential in each of them, and encourages them to do better, to get out of their comfort zone and continue trusting their own judgement. For the next dead letter investigation, Oliver selects a letter addressed to ‘Gramma’ from a boy (Spencer Drever) who mentions that his name is now Owen, and wrote that he’s escaping to go visit her. The team finds the Grandma that the letter is addressed to. It’s a lady called Vivian (Christina Willes) who lives in a retirement home nearby. Vivian took some time to agree that it was her, because she knows the family is in danger, and thinks she’s been watched. The team managed to reunite the boy and his grandma, and helped the police capture one of the suspects following the family.

Gramma Vivian (Christina Willes)

In this episode, we see a subtle flirting between Oliver and Shane. They challenge each other as Shane is a modern, outgoing gal, and Oliver is a very proper, old-fashioned, follow-the-rules guy. We can tell he finds Shane intriguing, and she is definitely attracted to Oliver. Oliver has an unique way with words and we’ll see him often, being the leader of the group, using his ways to calm troubled individuals and families.

Sammy (Rami Kahlon) and Buzz (Joel Berg)

Episode 2- To Whom it May Concern – The team picked a letter that is postmarked from four years ago. They find out the letter was addressed to “To Whom It May Concern”, and they find an application to obtain a soldier’s information. Shane tricks Oliver into going to the ARMY’s headquarter offices. While there, Shane realized that the letter would end up in a pile of loose mail, so she pulled Oliver out of there and convinced him they should find the addressee themselves. The letter was written by Samila, known as Sammy, (Rami Kahlon) directed to Corporal Benjamin ‘Buzz’ Parker (Joel Berg), who saved her life while he was on duty in Afghanistan. The team manages to bring them together, giving us a very emotional reunion.


In this episode, we get introduced to “Bear-thazar”, a grizzly bear that came to the Dead Letter office short on postage, and no forwarding address. Theresa Capodiamonte is ready to complete Oliver’s job evaluation, but she recognizes that the lost letter investigation should be a priority. We see more subtle flirting between Shane and Oliver. She knows he is married, but she is intrigued as to why he still talks as if the wife was to come back any time soon. A spoiler note: Theresa announces that she is retiring from the post office to go pursue her dream as a theater performer. “It’s never too late to pursue your dreams”.

Episode 3- Soulmates – We are introduced to new supervisor Cora Brandt (played by amazing Della Reese), who comes into the office announcing that changes will be made. She finds a box with what turns out to be Rita’s novel manuscript. Rita asks her if she would like to be the first to read it, and from that moment on, Cora can’t put the novel down. The letter to be investigated is from a guy called Sam (Greyston Holt) addressed to a girl named Marie (Emilie Ullerup) declaring that he still loves her, and asking her to please not get married. The team thinks they have to deliver the letter before the wedding takes place, but when they locate the sender, they realize the letter was sent eight years ago. The couple from the letter have known each other since young, so the team takes part in a journey to find them both and try to have them reconnect.

In this episode, Oliver manages to ask Shane to go to dance lessons with him, to be his dancing partner in a performance that will happen as a culmination of the lessons. She agrees to do it. Shane realizes that Rita’s manuscript is actually based on her personal fantasy and the lead guy is based on Norman. This is a glimpse into Rita’s infatuation with Norman.

Danny Barrett (Jeffrey Ballard)

Episode 4- The Masterpiece – Supervisor Cora Brandt is still reading through Rita’s novel. She calls it intoxicating. There’s a package stuck on the conveyor belt and Norman climbs to get it. When they open it, there’s a painting from a guy named Danny Barrett (Jeffrey Ballard) addressed to his father Henry Barrett (Paul McGillion). It was mailed three years ago, so the team goes to find Henry. He does not want to accept the package from his son. They have been distanced for years, and the team goes into trying to find and figure out a way for them to reconnect. Reality is harsh for both parts, but a reunion does happen.

Henry Barrett (Paul McGillion)

In this episode, we get introduced to eccentric, handsome, and may I add fascinating!, Ramón Rodriguez (played by Zak Santiago). Ramón shows up as the new owner of the dance studio. He calls Oliver “Ovilier”, which makes Oliver cringe a little. Then he goes on to flirt with Shane, to whom he says “if you dance like you smile”, which makes Oliver a bit jealous (we know!). Meanwhile, Cora catches on Rita’s secret, when she realizes that the story is based on herself and Norman. Cora even has Norman read a few lines of the manuscript. In this episode, we can finally notice, in a quick glimpse, that Norman does like Rita. Meanwhile, Oliver and Shane are still trying to decide on what song to dance to. Shane picks “And so it goes” by Billy Joel, and the lyrics get to Oliver. He decides to cancel their dance showcase, confessing to Shane that the dance lessons were a gift from his absent wife. He had kept hope she’d come back, so he could show her he did learn to dance.

Shane (Kristin Booth), Ramón Rodríguez (Zak Santiago) and Oliver (Eric Mabius)

If you’ve never heard the song And So it Goes by Billy Joel before, here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHO6a2H-pqY. The words and the melody are just perfect for Oliver and Shane’s current situation. I do love this song. Just read the first verse “In every heart there is a room, a sanctuary safe and strong, to heal the wounds from lovers past until a new one comes along”.

Sisters Caitlyn Atkinson (Kendra Anderson) and Vanessa Doherty (Elise Catien)

Episode 5- The Edge of Forever – The team finds out that Cora has retired. They also find another package with no address. They open it and find a large urn with an envelope addressed to “Maggie” and two letters. They’re able to contact the two ladies to whom the letters are addressed to, sisters Caitlyn Atkinson (Kendra Anderson) and Vanessa Doherty (Elise Catien). The wish of the late mother, Carrie Atkinson (Caroline Cave), is to have her daughters reunited by having then do a scavenger’s hunt together. Their distancing started when their father died on an airplane accident on the unforgettable day of September 11th. Shane and Oliver worked along with the sisters as they confront and reveal their true feelings about what happened between them, and what caused their distancing from each other.

In this episode, Shane is upset with Oliver for cancelling their dance performance. She is also upset because Oliver is still hanging on to the possibility of his wife returning someday. Rita reveals to Shane the name of Oliver’s wife and she goes on the Internet, looking for information on her. When she revealed what she found to Oliver, he gets very upset with her, asking her how she could dare invade his privacy like that.

We also see Rita making the decision to run for Miss Special Delivery pageant and the group gives her the support she needs. But Rita still has to find a talent to present in the contest. She confesses she can’t think of any talent. Rita does have a unique gift: her photographic memory. To find out what talent she chooses, we have to watch the next episode.

As the episodes continue, the relationship between these four friends continues growing. And the relationship between both couples, Oliver-Shane and Norman-Rita, also keeps evolving. There are five more episodes to the series. There’s more drama and mystery as the episodes continue. I have more to tell you about it! So, look up for my next post.

I’ll be writing some more. I have plenty more to add, more to write about, and more movies to watch and love. I love writing, and I love Hallmark movies. It’s time for my tacita de café. Salud!

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